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Art Studio Pro Volume 1

Turn your photo into WATER COLORS & DRAWINGS! ArtStudioPro Volume 1 - Natural-looking Artistic Media

It’s easy to create natural-looking artwork by simply loading an image and choosing a drawing style such as Colored Pencil, Crayon, Marker, Technical Pen or Watercolor then watch your photo transform into a work of art. ArtStudioPro Volume 1 is an easy to use application that requires no painting.

ArtStudoPro Volume 1 includes:
Colored Pencil, Crayon, Marker, Technical Pen, & Watercolor.
Supporting Effects: Colored Pencil Brush, Colored Pencil Fill, Colored Pencil Inside, Colored Pencil Outside, Colored Pencil Outline, Colored Pencil Shade Outline, Crayon Brush, Crayon Inside, Crayon Outside, Marker Brush, Marker Outside, Marker Strokes, Paper Texture, Restore Original, Technical Pen Brush, Technical Pen Outline, Underlayment, Watercolor Base, Watercolor Blend Strokes, Watercolor Brush, Watercolor Details, Watercolor Dry Strokes, Watercolor Wash, & Watercolor Wet Strokes.$99.95 [USD]


PixelCreation is a powerhouse of 19 Visual and Tonal Enhancement Filters.

This suite is designed to allow the user to create fabulous fluffy clouds, spectacular constellations, and celestial skies with easy to use tools that allow precise placement in areas you want them. Whether you want a classy portfolio piece, attention grabbing enhancements, or an artistic masterpiece–PixelCreation has the power and tools to help you!

PixelCreation includes:
Altocumulus, Aura, Celestial Shapes, Color Intensity, Colorize Brush, Constellation, Cumulus Nimbus, Glint, Luminescent Brush, Milkyway, MoonGlow, MoonRing, Northern Lights, StarryNight, Sratus, Tonal Blur, Tonal Intensity, Tonal Sharpness, & Vibrancy. $99.95 [USD]

ArtStudioPro Volume 2

Turn your photo into PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS! ArtStudioPro Volume 2 - Natural-looking Artistic Media

Discover how you can create a masterpiece by simply loading an image and choosing a paint style such as Oil, Oil Pastel, Chalk, Charcoal or Finger Painting then watch your photo brush into a painted masterpeice. ArtStudioPro Volume 2 is an easy to use application that requires no painting.

ArtStudoPro Volume 2 includes:
Oil Painting, Oil Pastel, Chalk, Charcoal & Finger Painting.

Supporting Effects:
Chalk Outline, Chalk Smudge, Charcoal Outline, Charcoal Smudge, Oil Pastel Details, Oil Color, Oil Details & Oil Brush.
$99.95 [USD]


PixelPaper features a collection of 15 Realistic Paper Effects

allowing users to fold, crumple, crinkle, curl and bend pieces of paper, while controlling lighting and textures. Pixel Paper also provides you with layers for combining effects, as well as presets for quick results.

PixelPaper includes:
Acid, Bend, Border, Burn, Corrosion, Crinkle, Crumple, Crunch, Curl, Edge, Fold, GrainStrips, Rip, Watercolor, & Wave. $99.95 [USD]


PixelSampler 9 FREE Film-Style Filters

This suite is a truly revolutionary concept in that it brings 9 incredible photography filters to any design project, while being completely free for the end user. A truly extraordinary value!

PixelPack includes:
Black & White, Contrasting Levels, Duotone, Grain, Monotone, Starlight, Starpoint, & Warm Cool.


PixelPack is a dynamite collection of 10 Incredible Visual Effect Filters.

These amazing filters will give character to your design. Extrude type, add cup stains, stamp a message with LabelMaker, or create 3-d translucent or solid buttons for your graphic or web project.

PixelPack includes:
Extrude, LabelMaker, RockCandy, Stain,Mosaic, Ceramic Tile, Bevel Pro, Postage Stamp, Rubber Stamp & Texturizer. $59.95 [USD]